• Simply put, RenewGlow has the most complete formula of any Biotin supplement designed to help you hold off the aging process so that you can stay young and beautiful for as long as possible. No one else has a formula like this, especially not at our affordable price.


    Here’s the full list of ingredients with an explanation as to what each one does for you:

    Biotin – Deficiency of this vital B vitamin (also known as Vitamin H) has been linked to hair loss and loss of hair color, as well as several skin problems. Keeping this nutrient at healthy levels in the body ensures full, healthy, strong hair, as well as smooth, radiant skin and stronger nails.

    OptiMSM® – If you were to lengthen the name of this, it would be “Optimal MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).” It’s “optimal” because it is the purest and only GRAS-designated MSM available. MSM is often contaminated by metals and other impurities, but this variety goes through a multi-stage molecular distillation process, ensuring that you ONLY get the pure, beneficial anti-oxidants that you need.

    Benefits of this high-powered form of MSM include reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture and elasticity, skin hydration, youthful hair, healthy joints, overall detoxification, and anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

    Vitamin C – Humans have no way of producing Vitamin C on their own, so they have to get it by from outside the body, such as by eating oranges. This essential nutrient is most known for boosting the immune system, but it is also a powerful anti-oxidant vital to skin and overall health. Studies have shown that Vitamin C has the power to reduce wrinkles and repair sun damage. What’s more: combining Vitamin C with Vitamin E and Zinc (all of which are in RenewGlow) can help prevent age-related vision loss.

    Vitamin E – Another powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin E is a well-known cure-all for all types of skin issues. It has been observed reducing wrinkles and repairing all sorts of damaged skin. It is also used by patients of dialysis and chemotherapy to help lessen the harmful effects of those medical treatments, such as hair loss and nerve damage. Vitamin E has even demonstrated the ability to slow down memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients and reduce the risk of getting other types of dementia.

    Selenium – Another powerful anti-oxidant that protects cells from damage, Selenium is often used to treat dandruff, prevent hair loss and graying hair, heal eczema and other skin ailments, maintain healthy eyes, and improve heart health.

    Pantothenic Acid – Also known as Vitamin B-5, Pantothenic Acid is used for a wide range of health-boosting qualities. Most important to us are its effects on hair and skin health. Studies suggest Pantothenic Acid is helpful for hair loss, skin irritations, acne, dandruff, and several other anti-aging qualities.

    Zinc – Zinc is another one of those essential nutrients with a wide range of uses and health benefits. It is included in RenewGlow because of its usefulness in helping to prevent hair loss and healing skin ailments. What’s more: combining Zinc with Manganese and Calcium (all of which are in RenewGlow) can help accelerate wound-healing, suggesting potential skincare benefits.

    Vitamin B-6 – Not to be confused with Biotin (Vitamin B-7), this nutrient is known for boosting energy and improving circulation. A healthy circulatory system is essential for any anti-aging efforts, as your cells need a steady flow of nutritious fresh blood.

    Hydrolyzed Keratin – Of all the proteins found in hair products, Keratin is the strongest. Your hair also happens to be made from Keratin. Hydrolyzed Keratin helps repair broken cysteine bridges and has moisture-binding capabilities that help it not only increase elasticity and volume, but also restore luster, body, and manageability.

    Grape Seed Extract – You may have heard that red wine can help you live longer. That’s because of the grapes! In fact, grapes have been used traditional treatments for centuries. There’s strong evidence that suggests it is beneficial for cardiovascular and circulatory conditions. Even better: it is loaded with powerful anti-oxidants that help prevent cell damage.

    Hydrolyzed Collagen – Derived from bovine bone and cartilage, Hydrolyzed Collagen is composed of amino acids that help form new collagen in your body. Collagen is one of the most important aspects of skin and hair health, and is also essential for the health of your joints.

    Calcium – It’s well-known that Calcium is essential for healthy bones. It’s not so well-known that Calcium is also essential for healthy nerves, heart, and blood. All of these are vital to anti-aging efforts.

    Silica – From bamboo stem extract, Silica is a premium compound of Silicon and Oxygen that is usually at very high levels when you’re young, because it’s essential to bone growth and body development. It also happens to be the reason why children often have soft skin, perfect nails, and beautiful, full heads of hair. Deficiencies in Calcium are often linked to deficiencies in Silica. RenewGlow aims to solve both problems.

    Gotu Kola Extract – This is an herb that’s commonly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat many types of infections and for brain, heart, and circulatory health, but its most relevant use for us is its skin healing and rejuvenation effects.

    Goji Berry Extract – Goji Berries have been eaten in Asia for centuries with the hopes that they would help you live longer and they were eventually used to treat a variety of conditions. One thing is for sure: Goji Berries are loaded with essential nutrients and anti-oxidants, making them essential to any skincare or haircare efforts.

    Fo-Ti Root Powder – Fo-Ti is an herb and the root is used to treat a variety of conditions. Most important to us is its ability to improve hair and skin health. In fact, it is a comm

    on treatment for premature graying of hair.

    Bladderwrack Powder – Bladderwrack is a seaweed that has been used to treat ailments related to iodine deficiency. It is included in RenewGlow due to recent studies that show its effects on collagen levels and its ability to improve skin texture and elasticity.

    Copper – Copper is commonly used for healing wounds, which suggests its potential skincare benefits. It is also used to treat other age-related ailments, such as arthritis.

    Manganese – Manganese is commonly included in Osteoarthritis treatments, but it is also good for weight loss and skincare when combined with Zinc and Calcium.

    L-Methionine – An essential amino acid that your body needs but can’t produce on its own, L-Methionine has powerful anti-oxidant and detoxification properties. A deficiency in L-Methionine is linked to hair loss.

    Citrus Bioflavonoid – Similar to the benefits of Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities that can boost your brain health, heart and circulatory health.

    Hyaluronic Acid – A substance that is naturally found in the body, Hyaluronic Acid is most commonly found in joints, due to its connection to collagen. Boosting your levels of Hyaluronic Acid can have healthy benefits for your skin.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid – A powerful anti-oxidant that helps maintain the levels of fellow anti-oxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E for maximum cell damage protection.

    Amla Fruit Extract – Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat a number of conditions, from cholesterol to arthritis to digestive issues.

    Nori Yaki – A type of Japanese seaweed, it is commonly used to wrap sushi and is often eaten in other ways as well, in a paste or as a sort of chip. Lesser known is its ample B Vitamin content.

    Wakame Powder – Another edible seaweed, Wakame is commonly used in soups and salads. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and has a number of health benefits, including skin and hair health, blood purification, and even helps the body burn fat.

    Olive Water Extract – Olive Extracts have countless health benefits, many of which are related to skin and hair health. You may have noticed that many organic shampoos and soaps have some form of Olive Extract in them.

    Natural Astaxanthin Complex – Astaxanthin is a carotenoid extracted from seaweed and is the main reason that many types of seafood have a pinkish color. It has several health benefits, but is included in RenewGlow for its anti-oxidant properties.