• I started losing hair after I had my first child. My doctor said it was normal, that it was related to the rebalancing of my hormones. Then, I had two more kids, and never stopped losing hair. I don’t think I was ever at risk of going bald, but my hair was definitely getting thinner. Small clumps of it would come out whenever I washed or brushed it and I really felt like the thinning hair was making me less beautiful. I’ve been taking RenewGlow for about a year now and I’ve stopped losing hair! This is a great product! I love all the other benefits too. My skin is smoother and my nails look great.

    Shelby T

    I have very sensitive skin and many allergies, so I struggle to find skincare products I can actually use. I even struggle with many all-natural products. RenewGlow is just the solution I’ve been waiting for! I don’t have to put anything on my skin to keep it moisturized and it has all the anti-aging effects that most people use a cream or serum for. My skin is tighter, less wrinkly, and has great color. I only wish my skin wasn’t sensitive and allergic to so many things, because I can only imagine what kind of results I would get if I used RenewGlow and a good cream at the same time.


    I have a twin sister and we’ve done almost everything in our lives exactly the same. However, the last 5 years or so, I feel like I’ve been getting older faster. My hair is thinning and turning gray, hers still looks full and beautiful. I struggle to keep my skin healthy, it seems like my wrinkles keep getting worse. Meanwhile, my sister’s skin is smooth and glows. I didn’t understand what the difference was until she explained to me that she takes a Biotin supplement loaded with anti-oxidants. That was how I found RenewGlow and I’m glad I did. We finally look like twins again!

    Diane G